We help you toward setting and accomplishing your goals

Life Coaching is a trainer/instructor relationship between coach and client.  In this relationship the role of the Life Coach becomes one of:

  • Helping the client to identify specific goals and desires.
  • Identifying the clients vision of their future.
  • Working in partnership with the client.
  • Holding the client accountable for the results and the Coach responsible for the process.

    Once you start working with a Life Coach, you begin to grow consciousness by identifying a goal and learning the steps to help achieve these goals:

  1. What is the situation you want to focus on?
  2. What is missing now? What are you tolerating?
  3. What would you do without fear?
  4. Knowing the options, what is your next step?

As a Life Coach or as the Client, these powerful questions offer some insight towards your goals.  Perhaps these realizations bring you an increase in:

  • Realizing your goals
  • Decluttering your life
  • Nurturing your business ventures
  • Increasing financial abundance
  • Amplifying personal and professional balance
  • Increasing communication skills
  • Strengthening an optimal life
  • Discovering your ideal relationship/love/partner
  • Growing your curiosity for life​

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At Innovative Therapeutic Services we strive to provide the best mental health services by recognizing the unique qualities of each individual and focusing on their attributes within.
Innovative Therapeutic Services is MBE Certified

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